Microsoft Ousts Windows Phone Lead Following Nokia Leaks

Microsoft’s Joe Marini, a platform lead for Windows Phone 7, has been ousted according to numerous Internet reports following his Twitter comments on Nokia’s forthcoming Windows Phone 7 device. Though Marini didn’t give specifics about the Nokia hardware, he did made comments about his impression about the device and even gave it a rating based on its hardware.

Officially, the Redmond, Washington based Windows Phone 7 OS-maker has stated that Marini has left the company due to dilvulging confidential information. However, it appears that Geekwire sources revealed more specific information surrounding his departure, noting that Marini voluntarily left the company after he was forced out over his revelation of the Nokia hardware, which to date has not yet been formally announced.

Nokia and Microsoft had announced its partnership earlier this year in February where the world’s largest phone-maker would switch from Symbian to a Windows Phone 7 environment.

In his Twitter messages, Marini had stated that the Nokia phone is the ‘slickest looking’ with a ‘solid feel, good camera, responsive UI.’ When asked to rate the phone, Marini knocked off a few points for a small-ish screen–the device is believed to have a 3.9- or 4-inch display–and says, “Overall I would say an 8. Solid feel, good camera, responsive UI, and nice little touches on the body construction.”

Marini’s last public appearance on behalf of Microsoft was as recent as last week in Anaheim, California talking to developers at the Build conference. In light of Apple’s more secretive nature surrounding product releases, Microsoft has taken a similar hard-lined approach in recent years surrounding unannounced products.