Microsoft Outlines Sensor Support on Windows 8

Microsoft had just outlined plans for supporting various types of sensors in Windows 8, which will also be available in tablet format to compete with consumer tablets running on Android or the iOS mobile operating systems. As such, sensors will not only help to add to the user experience of Windows 8 slates, but as many of them are also integrated at the system level, Microsoft is hoping that it will help these full desktop-class tablets maintain good battery life by performing features such as automatically dimming the display.

Windows 8 will have motion sensors such as the 3D accelerometer and gyroscope. This will help the tablet perform features such as auto-rotate. The accelerometer will also be open to developers to build applications and games. Light sensors and digital compass will also be part of the package, and Microsoft is hoping that developers and consumers will take advantage of the new apps that will enable sensor support.

If you’re a developer and are looking to take advantage of these new capabilities on Windows 8 apps, you can head on over the Microsoft developer portal to learn more.