Microsoft Slashing the Price of Surface RT for Education

Microsoft is continuing its push to get the Surface RT tablet in the hands of youngsters and educators, this time with a huge price cut that could see the tablet go for as low as $199.

Starting immediately according to a statement from TheNextWeb, the company will allow educational institutions to purchase a 32GB Surface RT for just $199. That’s a full $200 dollars from the price that the tablet now garners at retailers.

However, it should be noted that the price doesn’t include the cost of a Touch Cover for the device. If educators want to get their hands on the accessory they’ll need to pay a still very reasonably $249 –a full $350 off the price that everyone else pays.


The Microsoft Surface RT

Additionally the company will also allow educators to purchase a 32GB Surface RT with a Type Cover for just $289. The Type Cover, which features actual movable keys much like those used on a laptop or very thin keyboard normally costs users $129.99.

Instead of making these offers available directly to students with a school email address, Microsoft has opted to offer the cheaper pricing to schools themselves. Interested institutions will be required to purchase the tablets by September to receive the pricing.

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Though Microsoft has really only just begun to push the Surface RT in education, in hindsight the tablet seems custom built for the challenges that the schools face when creating scalable technology programs for their students.

For example, as the Surface RT is manageable with the company’s Windows InTune solutions, deploying and maintaining the tablets should be relatively easy compared with that of rival tablets. Its Windows RT operating system also solves the problem of what to do about users adding applications to school issued computing devices. Windows RT already locks down the desktop so that applications outside of those provider by a school system simply can’t be installed. The Surface RT even comes with a full-size USB port for use with mice and keyboards.

Each Windows RT tablet also comes with a copy version of Microsoft Office at no additional charge. Microsoft announced that it would be adding Outlook to the lineup of Office applications made available to Windows RT users in the free Windows 8.1 update coming later this fall.