Microsoft to Show Off Windows 8 Tablet UI Next Week?

Microsoft may be getting ready to show off a refreshed user interface and user experience for its Windows 8 tablet environment next week at the All Things Digital conference. The tablet UI will closely resemble the Metro UI on Windows Phone 7 to help users access important information quickly. News of the rumored preview of Windows 8 for tablet comes just after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that there may be a distinction between a Windows slate and a Windows tablet.

The Metro UI originally debuted on the Windows Phone 7 platform, and many observers have praised Microsoft for its innovative user interface, which makes use of tiles and hubs to display information quickly, rather than resort to pages of widgets. With a vertical up-down scrolling experience, users do not have to shuffle through pages of information, widgets, or apps.

Windows 8 tablet may debut ahead of a general Windows 8 for desktop to help Microsoft be able to compete better with consumer tablets running mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. The company, which had launched the tablet PC paradigm over a decade ago, saw limited adoption of the platform. When the first tablet PCs were launched, they were initially adopted by enterprise users, vertical markets, and a community of niche users. It wasn’t until the iPad was launched that we’re seeing more widespread adoption of tablet devices.