Where to Get the Free Windows 10 Upgrade Installed

microsoft store

If it feels like you’ve read whispers about a free Windows 10 upgrade for a year or so, it’s because you have. Microsoft first showed what we’d come to know as Windows 10 last September. Since that time the company has worked on the operating system in full public view. Now, it’s in the home […]

Gigantic Release Date Details Arrive


With Microsoft’s Xbox on Windows 10 app just days away from arriving on user’s PCs, video game developer Motiga is filling in some Gigantic release date details and being transparent about the details it isn’t sure about just yet. Motiga shared some candid Gigantic release details late last week in an interview with GeekWire, a […]

Fallout 4 Release: 5 Things to Know About Bundles


The Fallout 4 release continues to get closer and we continue to see new details emerge. The most recent details include several new bundles that buyers need to be aware of before the game’s release date. Today, we take a look at everything Fallout 4 buyers need to know about bundles. In early June, Bethesda released a teaser trailer […]

iPhone 6 vs Microsoft Lumia 950: What We Know So Far


You’d be forgiven for assuming that Microsoft has stopped trying to compete with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. To be honest, the company hasn’t done anything meaningful in the high-end smartphone area for a year. The last iPhone rival running Windows Phone to be made by Microsoft was the Nokia Lumia 930, a […]

How to Browse the Internet on Windows 10

How to Browse the Internet in Windows 10 (5)

Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade does one thing many thought wasn’t possible. At the tail-end of the last decade Microsoft bundled Internet Explorer with its Windows operating and effectively killed other browsers like Netscape. For years, Internet Explorer has been the default web browser in Windows. Its icon is instantly recognizable, its features connect to […]

New Details of Windows 10’s Next Neat Feature Leak

windows 10 messaging

Microsoft is all set to begin sending out the free Windows 10 upgrade next week, but that doesn’t mean everything users need will make it to users PCs then. This week leaks and reports revealed another new Windows 10 feature that Microsoft plans to deliver. We knew the company was killing off its Skype app in the Windows […]

Fallout 4 Nuke Pack Bundle: 5 Things to Know


As we push towards the Fallout 4 release date in November we continue to see new release details emerge. Earlier this week, a brand new bundle appeared and today we have another. Here’s what you need to know about the brand new Fallout 4 Nuke Pack ahead of its release. Last month, Bethesda used E3 […]

Killer Microsoft-Made iPhone 6 Alternative Coming


With Windows 10 for smartphones and tablets preparing to launch over the next two months, were learning more about Microsoft’s plans for new hardware. According to a new report, Microsoft has two Lumia smartphones in the works designed to act as perfect iPhone 6 alternatives: Cityman and Talkman. Reportedly, both of these smartphones will let users […]

Fallout Anthology: 5 Things You Need to Know

Fallout Anthology

It’s not the Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition but it is an exciting new Fallout bundle that surely be exciting to those who love the Fallout series. Bethesda today confirmed a brand new Fallout Anthology bundle and today, we want to take a look at the five most important things to know about its release. At […]

5 Things to Know Now About the Fallout 4 Pip Boy Release


As we push into the summer, we’ve been taking a deep dive into some of the most important Fallout 4 release details for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Today, we want to revisit the Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition release and tell you about a few things you need to know now about its arrival. […]

How to Uninstall Apps & Games in Windows 10

How to Uninstall Apps and Games in Windows 10 (2)

It’s safe to say that we love our devices. At the very least, we love them enough to have them always with us, asking questions through and providing new information about the world around us. Microsoft wants you to love its new Windows 10 operating system and your Windows device. The free Windows 10 upgrade […]

Xbox One Fallout 4 Release: 9 Important Details


As we push towards the Xbox One Fallout 4 release date in November, we continue to see new and exciting details emerge for Xbox One users. Today, we want to take a look at the most important things buyers need to know right now about the Xbox One Fallout 4 release. Last month, Bethesda hosted its […]

All My Favorite Xbox Gaming Features in Windows 10


Microsoft is so aggressively moving into the PC gaming space that it almost feels like a dream. For years the company toyed around with giving gamers using its Windows operating systems a cohesive experience. One by one each of those projects failed, leaving Valve’s Steam as the only legitimate service in the PC gaming space. With […]

How to Install Apps & Games in Windows 10

how to install apps and games in windows 10 (4)

A large part of the reason you’ll want Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is its new app store and platform. Technology reporters and analysts like to say that each new generation of PCs is inspired by some new activity that users want to do. For Windows 7, users wanted a PC that was as fast […]

Fallout 4 Mighty Bundle: 5 Things to Know


The Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition is sold out but it appears that buyers will be able to take advantage of another Fallout 4 bundle ahead of the game’s release. A Fallout 4 Mighty Bundle release is confirmed and today we take a look at what you need to know about it right now. In June, […]

Xbox One Mouse Support Sparks Some Outrage, Questions

Xbox One Tips (4)

A comment from Microsoft’s Phil Spencer on plans to bring mouse support to the company’s Xbox One entertainment console has sparked a bit of outrage and led to tons of questions from console gamers this week. Spencer, the head of the internal team in charge of the Xbox consoles and experiences, revealed in a tweet […]

Windows 10 on Xbox One Release Details Coming Soon

go invisible on xbox live with xbox one (1)

According to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, users won’t have to wait long to find out more about the new Xbox One Windows software update that the company first showed at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Spencer didn’t share exact details concerning the launch of Windows 10 on the Xbox One this week. That being said, he […]

Surface 3 LTE Release Date Finally Revealed

Microsoft Surface 3 with iPad Air

Microsoft revealed there was a Surface 3 coming with 4G LTE wireless internet capabilities when it first announced the Windows 2-in-1, but kept quiet about the device since. This week American wireless powerhouse AT&T finally provided the Surface 3 with LTE release details have waited for. The Surface 3 with LTE arrives on July 24th. […]

Which Halo 5 Guardians Edition Should You Buy?

halo 5 guardians

Microsoft knows that there’s a lot riding on the back of its Halo 5 Guardians release later this year. The original game defined the first Xbox console. Halo 2, with its multiplayer experience, set a new standard for online first-person shooters. As a key exclusive, Halo 5 Guardians could catapult the Xbox One to top of the sales […]

Stars Wars Battlefront To Come Early to Xbox One


Sony’s PS4 video game console may be the one getting all of the Star Wars Battlefront promotional attention, but it’s Microsoft Xbox One entertainment console that’ll offer an early Star Wars Battlefront release. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirmed to his followers that Xbox One owners would get an exclusive early look at Star Wars Battlefront recently […]