How to Install Apps & Games in Windows 10

how to install apps and games in windows 10 (4)

A large part of the reason you’ll want Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is its new app store and platform. Technology reporters and analysts like to say that each new generation of PCs is inspired by some new activity that users want to do. For Windows 7, users wanted a PC that was as fast […]

Fallout 4 Mighty Bundle: 5 Things to Know


The Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition is sold out but it appears that buyers will be able to take advantage of another Fallout 4 bundle ahead of the game’s release. A Fallout 4 Mighty Bundle release is confirmed and today we take a look at what you need to know about it right now. In June, […]

Xbox One Mouse Support Sparks Some Outrage, Questions

Xbox One Tips (4)

A comment from Microsoft’s Phil Spencer on plans to bring mouse support to the company’s Xbox One entertainment console has sparked a bit of outrage and led to tons of questions from console gamers this week. Spencer, the head of the internal team in charge of the Xbox consoles and experiences, revealed in a tweet […]

Windows 10 on Xbox One Release Details Coming Soon

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According to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, users won’t have to wait long to find out more about the new Xbox One Windows software update that the company first showed at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Spencer didn’t share exact details concerning the launch of Windows 10 on the Xbox One this week. That being said, he […]

Surface 3 LTE Release Date Finally Revealed

Microsoft Surface 3 with iPad Air

Microsoft revealed there was a Surface 3 coming with 4G LTE wireless internet capabilities when it first announced the Windows 2-in-1, but kept quiet about the device since. This week American wireless powerhouse AT&T finally provided the Surface 3 with LTE release details have waited for. The Surface 3 with LTE arrives on July 24th. […]

Which Halo 5 Guardians Edition Should You Buy?

halo 5 guardians

Microsoft knows that there’s a lot riding on the back of its Halo 5 Guardians release later this year. The original game defined the first Xbox console. Halo 2, with its multiplayer experience, set a new standard for online first-person shooters. As a key exclusive, Halo 5 Guardians could catapult the Xbox One to top of the sales […]

Stars Wars Battlefront To Come Early to Xbox One


Sony’s PS4 video game console may be the one getting all of the Star Wars Battlefront promotional attention, but it’s Microsoft Xbox One entertainment console that’ll offer an early Star Wars Battlefront release. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirmed to his followers that Xbox One owners would get an exclusive early look at Star Wars Battlefront recently […]

NFL Game Pass to Stream Entire Season to Apple & Android

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Today good news arrived for NFL football fans looking to catch any football game right on their favorite connected device. As of July 31st the NFL’s mediocre Game Rewind service will be shut down, and replaced with a service that will stream all 256 regular season games to all Android and Apple devices, including Apple […]

Madden 16 Xbox One Bundle is the King of Madden 16 Deals


With the Madden 16 release just a little over a month away, many expected that video game retailers would have a mountain of Madden 16 deals in the works. If they are still preparing to offer some sort of deal to upgrades, they needn’t bother. Microsoft has a Madden 16 deal that positively blows everything […]

Big Xbox Upgrades Arrive Ahead of Windows 10 Release

Xbox on Windows Launch

With the free Windows 10 upgrade set to go live within the next two weeks, Microsoft spent the early part of its weekend getting out gaming features that Windows 10 and Xbox One owners will enjoy. One of those feature upgrades even includes a new option for creating parties on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Microsoft […]

Windows 10 Commercial Shares News of Free Upgrades

Windows 8 vs Windows 10 (1)

Just as it promised, Microsoft is rolling out its first Windows 10 commercial and spreading news of its free Windows 10 upgrades. Microsoft introduced the first of its Windows 10 commercials in a post on its Blogging Windows website over the weekend. The commercial itself is called “Introducing Windows 10 – The Future Starts Now.” […]

Windows 8 vs Windows 10: 10 Changes You Need to Know

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It seems the collective technology press have discussed nothing but the failures of Windows 8 since just after its launch. For a solid two years, you couldn’t turn your head and not see a scathing breakdown of just how much sense Windows 8 didn’t make for the average user. Now Windows 10 is here to […]

How to Use Tablet Mode in Windows 10

How to Use Touch Mode in Windows 10 (2)

Whether you liked it or not, Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system changes a lot of things where touch is concerned. A vocal minority and people who were already familiar with the way touch worked on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 will likely blast Microsoft for these changes. The rest of us, the people who never […]

10 Things to Love About Windows 10

How to Use Touch Mode in Windows 10 (2)

For months, we’ve watched as Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system took shape. Early on, the operating system looked an awful lot like Windows 8, it’s immediate and almost universally hated predecessor. Quietly, the company did some work behind the scenes before unleashing a ton of new features on testers and members of its Insider Program. Windows […]

Cortana Android App Leaks Ahead of Windows 10 Release

Cortana for Android

We already know that Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant might be the first things that draws users attention on Windows 10 release day. A new leak has made that launch a little less exciting for some. Months after revealing that Cortana would have companion apps on other platforms, today Cortana for Android, that is the app […]

Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

How to Search in Windows 10 (1)

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is just a few weeks away from launch. All along I’ve been testing the operating system through the company’s Windows Insider Program. Extended testing in the Windows Insider Program has allowed millions of users to get a feel for the way Windows 10 looks and behaves. It’s given Microsoft the […]

How to Search Windows 10

How to Use Hey Cortana with Windows 10 (1)

Microsoft has never said this publicly, but for Windows 10 the company clearly made it a goal to put a serious dent in the amount of time it takes for users to do everyday tasks. Turning off your PC in Windows 8 before the Windows 8.1 update required at least two clicks. Searching for files […]

Windows 10 Upgrade from Vista Option Arrives

Windows 10 at Amazon

Starting today, anyone who isn’t eligible for Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade beginning July 29th now has their alternative. This week online retailer Amazon began offering Windows 10 upgrades and media for those users who won’t be able to download the operating system free of charge. All told, the upgrades are expensive, but at least […]

10 Exciting Elder Scrolls Online Details Emerge


As we push away from the Elder Scrolls Online release for console and E3 2015, we’re finally starting to hear more about ZeniMax’s plans for its MMO. Today, a flurry of new information emerged including details about Elder Scrolls Online DLC, deals and more. Back in May, after a lengthy delay, ZeniMax finally released Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 […]

5 Dirt Cheap Xbox One Games To Fill Your Summer

Xbox One Black Friday 2014 games deals will include $10 off new games and Buy One Get One 50% off.

The summer video game season is always slow. This summer, you are more likely to find some older, cheap Xbox One games to fill your time than you are to get excited about picking up something new. To be clear, this isn’t an issue with Microsoft’s console itself. Instead, it’s a problem the video game […]