MID + Dragon NaturallySpeaking= Great Mobile Writing Experience

I’ve been very pleased with my Viliv S5 so far, but it can be difficult to write anything of length with its on-screen keyboard. I installed Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 to see if the MID was powerful enough to turn my speech into text. I was very impressed with the results and shot this video after just a few minutes of training.

I’m starting to do more and more computing with my voice. I’ve also installed Dragon on my 2730p and MacSpeech on my MacBook Pro. I just started using voice commands with my iPhone 3GS to dial numbers and play songs. I also talk a lot to my car to find points of interest, change radio stations, navigate and more.

Nuance either sells or licenses the voice recognition software behind all of my voice-enabled devices. The company is behind the voice capabilities of an incredible number of devices, including the Amazon Kindle DX.

I shot this video demo of how I type with my voice on the Viliv S5 for MIDStories.com. After a few minutes of training I was able to start blogging with my voice. It’s not perfect, but typing with my voice sure gets a lot of words on the page quickly.