Veteran’s Day Discounts at AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Apple

Many stores and restaurants offer Veteran’s Day 2016 discounts to active and retired military members, but cell phone carriers and tech companies like Apple offer year round Military discounts on cell phone service, accessories and new Apple computers.

Veteran and Military discounts at cell phone carriers are fairly common, especially among the big names in wireless service. These carriers do not require users to go in to a store on Veteran’s Day to get these deals, though many times you will need to go into a store to get the discount set up.

Current and retired military members will need to bring proof to get the discount, in the form of an ID or DD Form 214. Request a DD 214 copy from Military records.

These deals won’t often reduce the price of a phone, and Apple’s Veteran discount is not good on the iPhone or iPad, but over the course of a two-year contract, the savings can add up to enough to cover the cost of two new iPhones.

The military member or veteran will need to be the primary account holder for the discount and most times it does not apply to the added lines. Switching to the primary on an account is a free and easy process that customer support can help with.

Here’s the information you need to start saving on your monthly cell phone bill as a thank you for your service.

Get 15% military discount for active duty, reserves and veterans from most wireless carriers and from Apple.

Get 15% military discount for active duty, reserves and veterans from most wireless carriers and from Apple.

Verizon Military Discount

Verizon offers a Veteran discount as well as a discount to active service members and federal employees. ┬áVerizon’s Veteran discount includes 15% off plans $34.99 or higher, and may include discounts on data as well as 25% off accessories in some cases.

The plan is available active duty and veterans alike. Apply online at The Verizon Employee Eligibility Program page, where you will need a Paystub, Veteran’s ID Card or DD Form 214. You can also apply in store, though you may need a manager to help you get set up if the customer service rep is not aware of the program. There are a lot of varying discounts so don’t be surprised if the first person you talk to is not aware of the program.

Sign up Online at Verizon.

AT&T Military Discount

The AT&T Veteran discount is also available to veteran’s active duty and reserves, cutting 15% off your monthly bill. This is applicable on the primary line on the account. You will need to go into an AT&T store to get the military discount. Bring proof of your service including a Paystub, Veteran’s ID or DD Form 214.

Users with a military email can sign up online for $25 off an online orders and enroll using the AT&T Premier site. If you do not have a military email you will need to go to a store to sign up.

Sign Up Online at AT&T.

T-Mobile Military Discount

T-Mobile offers a military discount through the T-Mobile Advantage program. This is the name of T-Mobile’s employee discount program and it should offer around 15% off to active duty and veterans.

Shoppers will see 15% off their lines and off of data packages as well. Go online or call a T-Mobile representative for details.

Sign up for the T-Mobile military discount online.

Sprint Military Discount

Sprint’s military discount is 15% off the monthly bill for active and retired military members. Users can verify their status online by entering their cell phone number and then supplying military orders, a W2 or DD 214 to verify their eligibility.

One oddity about this process is that it locks the user into a new two-year discount. If you just singed up for a discount it may make sense to skip this discount until you are ready to renew and get a new phone. The price of a new phone is discounted by hundreds of dollars when you are able to sign a new contract, so keep that in mind before signing up.

Sign up for Sprint’s military discount online.

Apple Military & Veteran Discount

Active and retired military members and federal employees qualify for a discount from Apple. The easiest way to gain this is to shop online at through the government portal. These discounts are for personal use, and extend to cover purchases made for your family.

Apple’s military discount drops $100 off the price of a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and many other Macs. It does not discount the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Visit Apple’s Government Store for military and veteran discounts.