Minecraft: Pocket Edition Finally Supports Crafting

An update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition has added some features that were sorely missing in the mobile version of the popular PC game.

According to TouchArcade, Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.3 finally gives mobile gamers the ability to craft items in the game. Players are now able to use the items they mine to make new items. This is a feature that’s so key to the game that it’s half of the game’s title. In the desktop version, gamers have to discover the items they can create by arranging items in a grid. Crafting in Pocket Edition is simpler, however.

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Finally Supports Crafting

Once gamers enter the crafting menu in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the game guides them towards creating new items. The mobile game will help players find out what items they can create, and tell them what they need to create other items. The feature takes away some of the discovery of the original game, but it makes it more accessible as a smartphone game.

The new update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition also adds damageable weapons, so players will need to continually craft new weapons before they break. Players can use those weapons on the new cows and pigs that are finally in the mobile game and come in addition to the standard trees and rocks.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition still has a long way to go to match all the features on the desktop version, but this is a big step. Porting any game from a desktop to a smartphone is difficult, especially with a game as complicated as Minecraft.

The new version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition is now available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.