Misleading Courier Photo Reveals My Years of Deception

Larry O’Brien of Knowing .NET has taken to task the main photo from the latest Courier sneak peek, calling it “misleading” and pointing out that the writing shown on the screen could not have been written at that size. He went so far as to sector the screen and determine that the lettering was only 3mm tall. Yep, no way to write that small, but so what?

O’Brien goes on to concede that it’s “perfectly possible to imagine that what’s shown is a zoomed-out page and that when you’re writing and sketching you’re zoomed in to a much smaller viewport,” but that defies the envisioned usage as a Moleskine notebook. Does it really?

I don’t know about anyone else, but zoom is one of the things I love about journaling in my Tablet PC. No worries about trying to cram all the pertinent data on a single page, though it can be done by expanding the borders if that’s what you want. A digital journal is all about breaking those limits and zoom helps make that happen. If I want to be trapped to a particular size, I’ll write on paper.

To support my point, I present this behind the scenes look at my ink blog, Sumocat’s Scribbles. For years, I’ve been publishing my handwritten entries at sizes smaller than written. Currently, I write at full width across my 14″ tablet at 1440px wide then zoom back out to grab the ink at 640px wide. Zooming in to write and zooming out to read isn’t just “perfectly possible,” it’s what I do every day. If that photo of Courier is misleading, then I’ve been deceiving people for years (except that I shamelessly mention on a regular basis that I write in full-width landscape).

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Via Loren Heiny via Rob