More Folks Picking Up Electronic Books

Good article from the New York Time on the popularity of electronic book readers.   Between the Kindle and the iPhone, I can’t of another set of devices that have so captured the attention of my friends and family. Is an eBook reader on your Christmas list?

For a decade, consumers mostly ignored electronic book devices, which were often hard to use and offered few popular items to read. But this year, in part because of the popularity of’s wireless Kindle device, the e-book has started to take hold.

The $359 Kindle, which is slim, white and about the size of a trade paperback, was introduced a year ago. Although Amazon will not disclose sales figures, the Kindle has at least lived up to its name by creating broad interest in electronic books. Now it is out of stock and unavailable until February. Analysts credit Oprah Winfrey, who praised the Kindle on her talk show in October.

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