More on the Samsung Papyrus E-Ink Device

P1030688_small I go the chance to play around with the Samsung Papyrus in the Samsung booth. While the Samsung representatives had absolutely no information about the Papyrus, I was able to find the information management, active digitizer notetaking, and, of course, book reading to be very functional. The pen lag on notetaking was vastly improved over the iRex iLiad reader that I reviewed last year. Response was zippy and the built-in apps seemed to be reasonably intuitive. It’s a small device – probably a 5" or 6" screen, very thin, sleek and easy to carry. The one thing the rep could say is that it is designed so that you can reduce or eliminate your need for paper. (Where have I heard that before, and how many times?)

No word on price or availability, although I’m trying to get that info.