Motorola Blurring Out MOTO BLUR in the Future

After receiving consumer feedback, Motorola has announced that it will phase out the MOTO BLUR name, the trademarked name of its custom Android user interface. Though elements of MOTO BLUR will remain and ship on devices, Motorola will not be referring to its devices as having the MOTO BLUR experience.

It’s unclear how the company will approach device customizations in the future. Perhaps, it will go the route that it does for Verizon Wireless handsets. On those devices, like the Droid 2 and Droid X, Motorola does implement MOTO BLUR-like characteristics but neither the company nor the carrier is referring to those implementations by the BLUR name. Rather, in a prior conversation I had with Motorola reps, I was informed that Verizon’s handsets ship with a widgets interface that take on traits of MOTO BLUR.

On the Droid X2, the widgets-based UI system got a makeover that gives it extra polish.

If elements of the MOTO BLUR UI will still be present on Motorola handsets, it’s really strange that the company will not be advertising the experience to differentiate itself. Competitors are in fact proud to be branding their experiences. For example, rival HTC has the HTC Sense user interface and Samsung is promoting its TouchWiz user experience.

Whether consumers will be confused in the future is unclear between a BLUR-inspired, but unbranded experience on a Motorola handset versus a stock Android handset like the Google Nexus S is unclear.¬†Though I’ve been a fan of MOTO BLUR and its re-sizable widgets, there are a few in the Android community who are vocally opposed to BLUR. Perhaps, rather than disguise BLUR, Motorola should continue its branding of BLUR, but improve the usability, functionality, and/or performance to address those complaints.

The company first introduced MOTO BLUR to the world when it had announced the Motorola CLIQ in San Francisco, California for T-Mobile USA’s network.

Via: Engadget