Motorola Droid Bionic Finally Caught on Video

With the Motorola Droid Bionic launch just a few short weeks away on Verizon, the anticipation is mounting. What is the exact release date? What is the official pricing? What are the official specifications? We have theories, but nothing is official yet. And while we have those theories and a ton of evidence to back them up, before today, we hadn’t yet had a clear cut video of the Droid Bionic in action.

Yes, Phandroid has managed to procure a video of the Droid Bionic in action and it shows off a couple of things that are going to get you excited. First, the bootloader. We see that the usual dual-core logo and then we see that red eye that we saw pop up on video awhile back.

Droid Bionic Red Eye

We also get a quick look at the new version of MotoBlur that will be coming with the 4G LTE smartphone and we also get a taste of Verizon’s next-generation network’s speeds.We’ve already seen how blistering they can be on the Droid Bionic so this is just reaffirmation.

So, it’s nice to finally see the device in the wild, on video, and so I’m curious.

What do you guys think of it all?