Motorola Droid Bionic Gets Possible Pricing, Another Release Date

We’ve seen the Motorola Droid Bionic pop up in just about every way possible. From some crisp shots showing off its design to a photo showing off its formidable 4G LTE data speeds, we’ve seen just about everything Droid Bionic related. And today, we saw just about every feature of the Bionic leak out which was just the cherry on top. However, there are still two big things that remain a mystery.

The release date and pricing of Verizon’s first 4G LTE smartphone. September 8th has been the rumored date for the Droid Bionic’s launch and I’ve guessed that Verizon is going to offer this thing for $250 on a new two year contract. Maybe even $300. Other retailers will likely have it for around $200 to $250. Guesses, nothing more.

Droid Bionic

Well forget all of that for a second because we now have another possible release date and retail pricing for the Droid Bionic courtesy of Android Central. They have a screen shot of an internal document that shows off the Droid Bionic being listed as $587 full retail price. Obviously, with a contract and rebates, that price will surely be a lot different. I am willing to wager that full retail might even be $600 when it everything is said and done with a $300 on-contract price tag.

I can’t dispute physical evidence though so $587 might actually be the real retail price. Strange number, though.

In addition, we have another possible release date: August 26th. Also odd, seeing as though it’s a Friday and Verizon loves to launch on Thursday’s. Now, obviously, this would come before Motorola’s projected September release date but the phone appears to be very ready for launch so I wouldn’t be shocked to see it come earlier than what was promised.

I think a lot of you would be willing to accept that as a sort of consolation prize for the long wait. Maybe not.

Anyway, August 25th or August 26th are now both possibilities and if you want the Droid Bionic off-contract, you’re probably going to have to shell out close to $600.

How does all of that sit with everyone? Or are you now waiting for the Droid HD instead?