Motorola X Phone Rumors: Custom Hardware, Cheap, June Release

The Motorola X Phone, which has been rumored as device later this year, might actually be more than just that as new rumors suggest that the X Phone is not just one phone, but a brand of phones and will be possibly be coming with an assortment of intriguing features including a way to customize hardware, a heavily subsidized price and a release date in June.

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Rumors have been swirling about the X Phone, a device that is said to be Motorola’s next smartphone and one that may have Google’s fingerprints on it. Previously, we had heard some pretty amazing things about the device but expectations were tempered after Google said that it was still working through Motorola’s pipeline of devices and that there isn’t really anything that is ‘wow’, at least to Google standards.

The Motorola X Phone is again rumored to be a superphone, and one that could compete with the Galaxy S4.

The Motorola X Phone is again rumored to be a superphone, and one that could compete with the Galaxy S4.

The latest rumors have also pointed to the X Phone being a more realistic device than the superphone that we heard about previously with whispers suggesting a 5-inch or 4.7-inch 1080p display, a 10MP camera in the rear and possibly a 5MP camera in the front, and a dual-core processor from Qualcomm.

However, a new report has breathed new life into those superphone rumors as Android and Me is suggesting that the X Phone isn’t simply one phone. Instead, it’s going to be a brand of phones that will be aimed at phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and brands like the Galaxy series.

The X Phone has been rumored for a debut at Google I/O in May. It appears, according to this rumor, that that may turn out to be true as the X Phone released date has been pegged for June. That certainly lines up with an announcement at Google I/O and the timing that Google has used for announcement to release in the past.

That’s not all though. Besides being a brand, with the first X Phone coming in June, it’s claimed that Motorola will guarantee one big Android software upgrade and that Motorola will be updating the phones itself. Carriers will apparently be out of the picture.

The X Phone lineup of devices including this first one, will evidently be sold through an online store, possibly the Google Play Store, and they evidently will be sold through carrier retail stores as well.

As the report points out, carriers will likely need some kind of incentive to acquiesce Motorola’s plan to roll out software updates itself, rather than letting the carrier be in charge. What that might be is not yet known.

The processor is said to be faster than the dual-core processor that we heard rumored before, and users are said to be able to unlock the bootloader and SIM lock to use it on any carrier. The device is also said to be subsidized heavily by Motorola and Google which could mean a cheap price tag like the Nexus 4.

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Lastly, the device is said to be coming with custom hardware. This means that customers may be able to choose their color, and configure specs like RAM and storage capacity. A custom device will be delivered in one week from Motorola, according to the rumor. In a nutshell, it would let consumers build their own phone.

If this is true, the X Phone series could be a huge splash for Google and Motorola. However, given recent rumors and Google’s comments, it’s best to take this all with a grain of salt, especially since the news came on the day of the Galaxy S4 announcement, a device that would be a competitor to the X Phone.