Multi-Touch DJ, Maps Video Demo

The days of Minority Report style touch computing are here, at least for one DJ in Chile. The Token multitouch display is an enormous free-standing sheet of glass with some multi-touch wizardry apparently built in. The image is projected via a rear projector, so it’s not quite as magical as it looks at first glance. Regardless, it’s pretty cool stuff. The application the DJ is using is called Tracktor Pro, an industry standard piece of software that hasn’t been optimized for the Token in any way.

This is very cool stuff and it’s definitely flashier than hiding behind a laptop at a night club. The Token can also be used with any other touch-friendly app. Here’s another video demo of Token.

As you can see, the rear projector can be a serious problem. The bright projector lamp shines light past the Token display, directly into the users’ eyes. This isn’t so much of a problem for the DJ in the above video since Tracktor Pro’s UI is dark, but it might cause some temporary blindness if you use the thing for too long with an application with a white background.

via Engadget