Multitasking May Not Hit Windows phone 7 Until 2012

While Microsoft may be multi-tasking to deliver Windows Phone 7 updates, bring CDMA Windows Phone 7 support, and ink a partnership with Nokia, an update to the platform, codenamed Mango, that is scheduled to bring a slew of features to the new mobile platform may not make it in 2011 and could slip to 2012. SlashGear is reporting that Mango’s arrival “is a near impossibility” in 2011.

The update is said to be a major OS revision and is a significant OS update, which could bring the version number up. What Mango will be released as is unknown–whether it’s Windows Phone 7.x or Windows Phone 8 is unclear–but the update will bring with it support for HTML5, multitasking, IE9 webpage rendering, and potentially Silverlight support with gestures.