My ‘Apple Makes a Bonehead Move’ Post Creates Some Interesting Conversation

Looks like I stirred up quite a conversation over on one of my favorite gadget blog sites, Gear Diary. My post last week about Apple removing the screen rotation lock capability from the side switch (I called it a bonehead move) made plain my views on the subject in terms of how that move affected my personal use of the iPad. I wasn’t alone either as many have pointed this out.

But some of the gang at Gear Diary think I’m the bonehead (which is entirely possible). Dan Cohen thinks I’m whining unnecessarily, as do Judie and a few others in the chat they had on this post. But Michael tries to come to my defense with his comments.

Bottom line here is that there are different viewpoints on issues like this, and whether or not you agree with someone else’s opinion is going to be a very personal thing depending on your usage scenario. Me, I still think it was a boneheaded move on Apple’s part. As I’ve used the iPad more and more since actually writing that initial post my opinion has been reinforced the more I work with the “new and improved” design choice.