My Wife Wants a New Phone. Recomendations Please.

collageLooks like I’ll be phone shopping this weekend. My wife is ready for a new phone. She doesn’t want a smartphone, or anything approaching an iPhone. Here needs are simple, (although when we inventoried them last night they have changed a bit.) She wants

  • a phone she can make calls with,
  • BlueTooth for a headset (that’s actually my recommendation-she drives like crazy with a phone to her ear),
  • full QWERTY keyboard (she loves to text)
  • camera
  • be able to check her email.

Her carrier is Sprint and we’ll be staying with Sprint. Yes, she looked at the Palm Pre, but she doesn’t need or want everything that a smartphone has to offer. So, she’s shopping for a feature phone. Love to have your suggestions, since I’m a smartphone guy.