MyFord Touch Upgraded with 2X Performance, Free for Current Owners

Ford has updated the MyFord Touch infotainment system for 2013, with a number of performance improvements, and a cleaner interface.

Best of all, this update is entirely based on software, so that means all MyFord Touch owners can enjoy the new system in the near future.

The MyFord Touch system is an in-dash touch screen that controls your phone, navigation, entertainment and climate controls. We showed you how Ford used four corners and colors to help ease navigation while on the road, but for 2013, Ford is going further.

The new version of MyFord Touch has more in common with the Apple iOS updates than it does with in-car features. The performance upgrade for MyFord Touch delivers a 2X responsive touch screen experience, and shows off a more refined look. Ford also tells us there is broader support for tablets.

MyFord Touch for 2013

The new MyFord Touch for 2013

MyFord Touch 2013 Improvements

Last week I had a chance to see the new for 2013 MyFord Touch system in use at Ford’s Dearborn campus. The new system looks similar to last year’s but thanks to a number of enhancements it was noticeably more responsive. The system could still be a bit snappier at times, but the new software felt much better, and transitions between screens were smoother and less jarring.

In addition to the performance upgrades you’ll feel, Ford has cleaned up the interface. Instead of cluttering up the corners with extra information, Ford engineers have pared the experience down to the information you need to see.

MyFord Touch Update

The new MyFord Touch Update Delivers a More Responsive and Tuned Experience.

We also get treated to larger icons for the most important things on screen, and bolder and bigger fonts for items like navigation. During my brief time with the new system, the refinements were a nice touch, and looked much better than the old system next to it. We’ll be testing out the system on the road, where it really matters, as soon as Ford rolls out the 2013 models.

You can see a number of improvements on all of the screens. In the galler below, you can see a number of changes to each layout form button placement to LED indicators. The primary functions are now easier to get to, and secondary buttons and actions are moved towards the passenger side of the vehicle. The Entertainment screen below shows this in action.

MyFord Touch Entertainment screen

The Entertainment screen is optimized for the driver.

One of the new areas is the Navigation screen, which has also added LED style indicators for buttons with multiple options, additional 3D landmarks and clearer street names. Ford also calls out the new guidance bar, which shows your next turn in an easy to read fashion.

MyFord Touch Navigation

The MyFord Touch Navigation screen gains more 3D landmarks and new Navigation guidance.

Stay tuned for a more in depth look at the new system, including the ability to connect to more tablets and other improvements, when Ford drops by with a new 2013 vehicle.

MyFord Touch 2013 Demo

You can get a look at the new MyFord Touch system in the promotional video below, which shows the system in a 2013 Ford.

MyFord Touch Update for 2012 Owners

The MyFord Touch update will be coming to existing MyFord Touch vehicles in 2013. The new system will be sent to all MyFord Touch owners free of charge on a USB stick. Owners can plug this in and update at home in about 30 to 45 minutes, or take their car into the local dealership for help. Ford is also rolling out online and in dealer training to help users understand the new system.

This is an important step for consumers, which have traditionally had to put up with slow and expensive updates to in vehicle systems. Ford is taking a page out of the Apple playbook to deliver this update. Ford has been calling itself a technology company, and if it keeps up actions like this, consumers might start to come to the same conclusion.