N-Trig Initiative: Making Progress

Last week, we reported that the mighty champions of the GBM forum were taking up the call for better drivers for their N-Trig digitizers, particularly those in the Dell Latitude XT and HP Touchsmart tx2 enabling pen + multi-touch. Well, their diligence is getting noticed with N-Trig issuing an official response to a thorough and well-detailed open letter to N-Trig written by Steve Seto.

Trying to boil down Steve’s letter to a few choice quotes would not do it justice, but the broad strokes are he’s called for better dialogue, clearer documentation, and more organized update support. N-Trig’s response, while also addressing other issues, indicates they are taking these calls seriously and moving forward to address them, including compatibility with the WinTab driver. They’re promising an update in January, which I’m sure will be followed closely. The response isn’t everything desired, but it’s a start.

Great job by everyone for keeping up the pressure, especially Steve and our moderator Sharon, a.k.a. sbtablet (whose last name I was surprised to learn doesn’t start with a “b”).