NBA 2K18 Release Date, Features & Details

A new edition in the NBA 2K is always just around the corner. Using its many modes and customization options, you can take the fate of your favorite basketball team and player into your own hands. Its releases are so predictable that we all assumed there would be an NBA 2K18 release before last year’s game arrived on store shelves.

Each year, NBA 2K lures users in with its detailed basketball simulations. There’s MyTeam to address your every need for putting together a team of players from across the National Basketball Association. MyLeague and MyGM simulations teach you about managing what happens before and after games. MyCareer has lured in fans again and again with a fresh simulation of what it takes to get and keep a years-long career in the sport going.

The NBA 2K18 release has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch.

The assumptions of an NBA 2K18 release were well founded. 2K Games, the publisher of the NBA 2K series is among the companies Nintendo has corralled to support its newly released Nintendo Switch handheld and living room console. We don’t know much about the NBA 2K18 release, but we do know that there’ll be one.

NBA 2K18 Release Date, Features & Details

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NBA 2K18 Release Date

NBA 2K18 doesn’t have an official release date. It did have an unofficial release window though. New games in the franchise have launched in September for years. We didn’t have anything official until Nintendo’s dedicated site for new games coming to the Nintendo Switch confirmed that the game will launch in September 2017, like many predicted.

The Nintendo Switch games database says that gamers on the Nintendo Switch can expect NBA 2K18 to launch in “September 2017.” As every gaming console usually gets their launch on the same day, it’s safe to assume that September will include the launches of all versions of the game.

NBA 2K18 Early Tip-Off Weekend

Hardcore fans could find themselves able to play before the official NBA 2K18 release. NBA 2K Tip-Off Weekend has let gamers that place a pre-order pick up the title the weekend before release for years now. It’s hard to imagine there not being an NBA 2K18 Early Tip-Off Weekend.

New NBA 2K18 Features

It’s so early in the 2017 games release cycle that it’s hard to pin down what features will make their way into the NBA 2K18 release. Even guessing at this is precarious, Visual Concepts and 2K Games have yet to even announce key figures for the title.

In the past, production credit has gone to culture figures that make a big contribution to the game. NBA 2K17’s MyCareer story was written and directed by Aaron Covington. He wrote the script for the popular boxing movie Creed. NBA 2K16’s story was headed by famed director Spike Lee. Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams have helmed the game’s music before.

MyLeague and MyGM Team Expansions were added in NBA 2K17.

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2K Games typically chooses a few core features and massively improves on them. It also spreads smaller upgrades around the other secondary modes in the title based on what gamers have said that they want next.

Expect the NBA 2K18 cover athlete or athletes to be revealed in late May or early June. Visual Concepts usually begins posting about all the new features coming to the game on its blog shortly after.

NBA 2K18 for Xbox 360 and PS3

We do have a general idea of what consoles will get the NBA 2K18 release. Nintendo is touting a version of NBA 2K18 for the Switch already. That release will include MyCareer and other must-have features, the Nintendo. This means that all current generation consoles will get the game for sure. NBA 2K games have been available on Xbox One and PS4 since they launched. NBA 2K17 was one of the first games to support enhanced color contrast on the Xbox One S, PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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Things get murkier with the older consoles. Sales continue to fall for the Xbox 360 and PS3. That makes sense given that they were replaced by faster, more powerful consoles capable of better graphics back in 2013. Sports games are one genre still getting new releases on those consoles. Even then, those releases are not necessarily something that you want to invest in. They often lack the exciting features that versions made for newer consoles get. That’s not likely to change this year.

At some point, 2K Games will need to end development on the older versions of the game so that they can concentrate on the more current editions. With the Xbox One and PS4 now priced below $299.99, it’s now affordable for everyone to upgrade. That affordability could ultimately decide whether the Xbox 360 and PS3 get NBA 2K18.

Deals and Trade-In Offers for NBA 2K18

Even after we have official NBA 2K18 release details, deals for the game won’t appear. Instead, expect them to arrive closer to the September release window. GameStop likes to boost trade-in values for older titles for everyone that wants to get rid of their games towards the purchase of a new one.

Is Amazon Prime worth it? Here's what you need to know. Julie Clopper /

Julie Clopper /

We can be sure that Amazon Prime and Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked subscribers will get a discount on the game. Those services offer 20% off any new physical game.

It’s not too early to get excited about the NBA 2K18 release. If previous games in the series are any indication, it’s going to be another terrific basketball simulation.

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