Nearest New York Subway for iPhone 3GS…Augmented Reality Touch Games Coming Soon?

I’ve visited New York several times, but am still a subway rookie. There are just too many lines and too many stations. It can get really confusing to even find the right subway station or platform.   New York Nearest Subyway uses the iPhone 3GS compass and video function to overlay subway data on top of whatever you’re pointing the camera at. I’m definitely downloading this app next time I’m in New York.

The app is pending Apple’s approval.

From Acrossair:

The makers of Nearest Tube iPhone app bring you the New York Nearest Subway one of the first augmented reality apps to go live in the iPhone AppStore. Forget boring 2D maps! Try this amazing new application that tells New Yorkers where their nearest subway station.

This reminds me of an augmented reality video game demo HP showed me a couple of years ago. It showed a group of kids running around a city and holding up mobile devices to see waypoints and battle virtual opponents.

I imagine that at least some game developers are working on iPhone games that will meld touch gaming, the iPhone 3GS video camera and real-world action.