Netbooks: They’re Dead! They’re Alive!

frankenstein-thumb.pngThe little mobile companions we’ve come to know as Netbooks have been declared dead, brought back to life, had a funeral, and been resurrected yet again. Whether you love or hate them, the Netbook is pulling a Frankenstein when it comes to dying and coming back to life. Let’s look back to January of this year and weigh in on the Netbook’s early identity crisis, declared death, and resurrection to determine if these little suckers are here to stay or not.

Netbook’s Death and Resurrection

  • Peter Glaskowsky at CNet News writes, “The truth is, the Netbook is dead, and good riddance. The concept of the Netbook was based on a tragic misunderstanding: the belief that tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of people worldwide wanted a portable computer that was small, power-efficient, and (here’s the misunderstanding) not good for much beyond accessing the Internet.” This comment comes from his article titled, “The Netbook is dead. Long live the notebook!Verdict: They’re Dead!
  • A Article titled, “What Defines a Netbook,” states, “If the device is created primarily for accessing the Internet and remains relatively affordable, it remains a netbook regardless of higher specs and the ability to play 3D games.Verdict: They’re Alive!
  • Loren Heiney at the Incremental Blogger writes, “So I still believe that the Netbook needs better optimized software (as well as more pen and touch options which may be coming down the road), but you know what? For most people, it’s not a bad machine.” This comes from his article titled, “OK, I admit it. I was wrong. Netbooks have their place.Verdict: They’re Alive!
  • An article written as part of Engadget’s Entelligence Series by Michael Gartenberg titled, “Netbooks, R.I.P.,” brings doom and gloom to Netbooks. He writes, “Tiny, underpowered laptops have been around for more than a decade, but few people bought them because there was a premium price associated with them.” Verdict: They’re Dead!
  • Article, “Surprise Hits: Netbooks are the future of computing,” by Anthony Massucci. He writes, “The industry might not have seen netbooks coming, but now that they’re here, they’re not going anywhere soon.” Verdict: They’re Alive!

Whether people want Netbooks to die is a different issue as to if they are alive or not. I would be a very rich man if I had a shekel for every time Engadget or Gizmodo blogged about the newest, almost identical, Eee PC cloned Netbook to be released. So what’s the deal? Are we crying over spilled milk or is the Netbook dead and gone? Hit up the comments to share your two shekels.