New Gadget OOBE at Christmas Can Be a Frustrating Experience

One of the problems with being a geek is that your entire family depends on you for any sort of gadget knowledge, troubleshooting, and advice.  Already during this holiday season I’ve set up or answered questions about setup on two Windows devices, one Mac, one iPad. I have at least one more Windows device to go.  That device has been waiting for a couple of days for “uncle Warner” to get in town to set it up. When the word comes down that “uncle Warner” will figure it out, all I can do is smile and say here we go again

Geeks everywhere know this, but setup on a Windows device is a tedious process and it is certainly one that can slow down anybody’s Christmas joy after a package is opened. Setting up an Apple device is a much easier and much quicker process and the difference between the out of box experience (OOBE) between those two platforms is, well, let’s just call it night an day. After you get through the basics and get things running, OEMs certainly don’t help with all of the popups and trash they throw at you either for all of the supposedly “value add” CRAPWARE they’ve pre-installed. The number of questions I get that begin with “Do I need this?” or “What is this?” is astounding.

I won’t go into details as we all know what I’m talking about it. In a way I feel sorry for Microsoft. With all of the patches and security crap you have to go through to set up a Microsoft computer it is a no win situation compared to Apple. The question I have is how many folks try to set things up ahead of time to eliminate those slow OOBE moments on Christmas moment.

How about you? Do you set things up ahead of time or do you wait until the wrapping paper comes off? Does Windows OOBE turn you off? What are your thoughts?