New iPad Commercial Invites You to Learn with the iPad 2

Apple has released a new ad for the Apple iPad 2, which focuses on the educational benefits of the tablet. This new commercial invites you to learn and explore new languages and talents using apps that can be purchased at relatively affordable price points.

The iPad has seen a good amount of adoption in the educational arena from students and teachers. As a teacher, I use my iPad in the classroom to pull up notes and to be mobile in the room when students are doing group work. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Students are using the iPad for eTextbooks, to access apps that help them study and more. We’ve already seen schools like the Yale Medical School and Seton Hill University give iPads to all their students, and my niece’s elementary is dedicating a class to learning about technology and the iPad.

But that’s not all, Apple knows that there is a larger population of students of life, who can afford an iPad, which is why this commercial invites you to learn in more than the classroom. Check out the Apple iPad 2 Learn commercial below.

One of the reasons I think Apple enjoys such success with the iPad ads is that they are able to distill the very things I tell people about over lunch or drinks. These users don’t care what processor the iPad has or exactly how many apps are available, but their attention gets caught when I tell them they can practice an instrument, master chess, learn anatomy or pick up another language. All of these items get distilled into a 30 second ad spot and reach many more users than I could ever try to.

iPad 2 ad Learn

Learn a new language on the iPad

As the Android tablets come to market, Google would be well served to find the apps and the experiences that people are using and creating on the various tablets, and create a similar commercial, we know tablet manufacturers haven’t been able to.