New Motion Computing Slate Tablet PC Coming Soon, I’m Loving It Now

I had the privilege of meeting with Motion Computing last year and got an exclusive first-look at some designs for their new tablet pc and accessories. At that point they were all wood models, so I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the extent of what they had accomplished.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been quite fortunate to actually use their new slate tablet pc, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. This new slate is totally different. Without getting in to specifics, I can tell you that Motion has done a superb job in the design, asthetics, and usability of the slate and accessories. While not perfect, it is clear that their engineers and designers have been very busy the last several years working hard on this new offering. For example, Motion went back to the drawing board on their convertible keyboard, and finally nailed it. It is easy to attach, type on, and remove. It no longer feels like a klunky add-on. It only took them   five years, but I believe they have a winner.   In addition to seeing their new convertible keyboard in action, you’ll also get to see their new slate and docking station in action when my InkShow is released.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but this new slate is NOT the much-asked-for LS800 replacement. I wouldn’t put it past Motion to take a fresh look at that market opportunity, but this particular slate is not it.

Once the official announcement is made, Motion Computing wants to hear your thoughts and questions regarding their new product, and any other questions you might have for them. We’ll be hearing directly from various designers and product managers at Motion, so you’ll get non-PR answers to your tough questions. Look for more on that soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to run. I have a slate tablet pc calling my name!