New Windows Phone 7, Samsung Focus Ad Airing: What if?

A new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 commercial gives a glimpse of what the platform is capable of. Unlike the initial WP7 ads, this one does a good job of running through apps and demonstrating that it’s for both work and play.

The Samsung Focus ad uses the a catchy tagline- “What if the best looking phone in the room also had brains?” The commercial also zeroes in capabilities rather than abstract concepts. The voiceover goes on asking what if your phone was “one with Office, Xbox Live and thousands of apps?”

Throw in a pitch to close the commercial with an offer for the Focus at $99 and you’ve got a winner.

Microsoft Ofice? XBOX? Yeah those are a couple of things you won’t find on iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. Kudos to Microsoft and AT&T for ditching the entertaining, yet information-barren ads from late 2010 like the one above.

Microsoft has some serious catching up to do in the smartphone game and this is a move in the right direction.