Nexus 4 8GB Shipping Times Start Slipping

The Nexus 4 8GB, which last week came back into stock for the first time since December, has seen its shipping times start to slip for the first time since its return with the Google Play Store now listing the device as shipping out in three to four weeks.

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Last week, both the 8GB Nexus 4 and 16GB Nexus 4 returned to stock at the Google Play Store after selling out in late 2012. The arrivals came a little sooner than many consumers expected as LG promised that supply issues would settle down in mid-February. However, the Nexus 4 is showing shades of its previous issues as today, the 8GB model now has delayed shipping times.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 12.19.56 PM

Nexus 4 8GB shipping times have started slipping.

Unlike the 16GB Nexus 4, which is still listed as shipping out in one to two weeks, the 8GB Nexus 4 is now listed as shipping out in a much lengthier three to four weeks. Google often ships out devices well before their listed shipping dates, but at this point, those ordering today may not see it arrive for a month or so.

This is the first time that we’ve seen the device’s shipping times move back since it arrived last week and it’s certainly possible that it may not be the last it happens.

Back in November, we saw shipping times get increasingly worse until the device was listed as shipping in two months. Soon after, both versions of the Nexus 4 went completely out of stock only to make its triumphant return last week.

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The Nexus 4 has dealt with supply issues since November.

The Nexus 4 remains one of the best Android phones available as it combines high-end hardware, current software, and a fantastic price for an unlocked smartphone. Google charges $299 for the Nexus 4 8GB and $349 for the Nexus 4 16GB, much cheaper than most unlocked smartphones which typically sell for over $500. Apple sells the cheapest unlocked iPhone 5 for $649. That price nets customers a iPhone 5 16GB.

Those not looking for the unlocked version of the Nexus 4 should have no problem buying one. The T-Mobile Nexus 4 is still available through T-Mobile and Best Buy, with Best Buy selling it for $149.99, and physical retail locations should have the device in stock as well.