Nexus 4 Launch Remains a Mess into 2013

Those looking to snag a brand new Nexus 4 with any holiday money will be unhappy to know that the Nexus 4 remains completely sold out through the Google Play Store in the United States with no relief in sight.

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The Nexus 4, which went on sale in the United States in mid-November, is still sold out heading into 2013 leaving holiday shoppers without a way to get the unlocked version of the device. Worse yet, the situation has not improved since the device sold out for a second time in late November.

Earlier this month, the 8GB Nexus 4 was the only model that was sold out. The 16GB model still remained available though its shipping times were well over a month. Then, the 16GB too sold out through the Google Play Store leaving shoppers in the U.S. without an affordable and reliable way of snagging the new Nexus smartphone from LG.

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Thus far, Google and LG have traded barbs over who is responsible for the stock shortage but neither company has delivered the news that potential Nexus 4 customers have been waiting for: When shoppers can expect the device to come back into stock. So far, Google has refused to elaborate on when stock might return so if previous shipping times were any indication, it’s possible that we won’t see the Nexus 4 return to the Google Play Store until well into 2013.

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This probably wasn’t the holiday launch that Google and LG envisioned when they launched the Nexus 4 to overwhelming demand back in November and it certainly wasn’t what potential Nexus 4 buyers were anticipating when the new Nexus arrived. The launch unfortunately hasn’t been smooth for those who were able to get a hold of the device either as the Nexus 4’s official bumper case is, like the Nexus 4, completely sold out with no word on when it might return.

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Additionally, Google still hasn’t launched the Nexus 4’s wireless charging orb which remains missing in action, even as the holiday shopping season passes by. Google has refused to comment on the wireless charging orb’s availability and likely won’t until a launch occurs.

The unlocked Nexus 4 and its bumper case are available through sites like eBay, but prices are far more expensive than what Google is charging making them an extremely unattractive option to most interested parties.

So, as we head into 2013, it’s clear that Google and LG have some major issues to work out as far as the Nexus 4 is concerned but at this point, it’s not looking like they will be solved any time soon, a shame for any potential buyers out there.