Nexus 4 Orders Remain in Limbo

Last week, Google sold out of its Nexus 4 stock in the U.S. soon after the device went on sale. Shorty thereafter, it sent out emails to some customers who placed an order that morning saying that the device was back ordered and that it would start shipping out again in three weeks. However, there are also some Nexus 4 customers who have been resigned to an even worse fate. They still haven’t heard anything from Google.

There is a lengthy, testy thread going on over at the Android Central forums where users are discussing the chaos that was and still is the Nexus 4 release date. Most of the anger on the thread is in regards to the lack of information that Google has been delivering to those that have yet to receive their Nexus 4. Many of those who received the back order email last week are frustrated with the lack of information in regards to their order, and the vagueness and unreliability of Google’s customer service representatives.

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Some Nexus 4 orders remain in limbo.

However, there is another group of Nexus 4 customers who have it even worse than just lack of information from customer service representatives or a missing back order email in their inbox.

It appears that some Nexus 4 customers who pre-ordered on day one haven’t received any kind of information from Google. We’ve heard from one person specifically who says that he placed an order at 8:35am, according to a confirmation email he received from Google, but hasn’t received any kind of information beyond that. No back order email last week, no shipping confirmation.


Google has yet to issue any sort of update for some Nexus 4 orders.

Instead, his order is listed as “Pending” in Google Wallet and his order status has not been updated since November 13th meaning that the order he thought would arrive two days after its release date still remains in limbo six days after the device’s launch.


The transaction remains as “Pending” in Google Wallet.

It also appears that some Nexus 4 customers are saying that they placed an order for a Nexus 4 last Tuesday but still haven’t received even a confirmation email from Google in regards to the order leaving them confused and frustrated and their order in doubt.

This wouldn’t be an issue if these people placed an order extremely late in the day or if Google fully clarified the situation, but neither of those things happened. Instead, loyal Android customers who placed orders early in the morning are left wondering where their device is while Google remains silent leaving its uninformed customer service representatives to clean up the mess.

So, it could be that these customers, who placed orders shortly after the device went on sale, may not see their situation improve until Google’s Nexus 4 stock situation improves, which, according to Google, will take place in two weeks. Of course, the company hasn’t said exactly when the device will return to stock or how much stock it will have when it returns. If Google did oversell the Nexus 4, it could be that some people will be left out in the cold, even when the new stock arrives.

Needless to say, this is a situation that not many imagined when Nexus 4 orders went live last Tuesday and unsurprisingly, has left many customers feeling frustrated and looking at other smartphone options.