Nexus 5 Render Brings Leak to Life

When Google announced Android 4.4 KitKat, it also erected a statue to commemorate the occasion. And while the company wanted the focus of the raising of the Android 4.4 KitKat statue to be the focus, the event also seemed to reveal an unknown Nexus smartphone that some believe could be the rumored Nexus 5.

The video, which showed Google putting the Android 4.4 KitKat statue up on its campus, showed a man holding a Nexus device that didn’t and doesn’t resemble any known Nexus smartphone on the planet. The brief sighting led Google to mysteriously pull the Android 4.4 KitKat video for unexplained reasons, leading many to wonder whether it had just shown off a new Nexus smartphone.

Rumors have been swirling in regards to a Nexus 5, possibly built by LG, possibly built by Motorola, that will be coming later on this year with a new version of Android. Whispers have suggested a launch in October and thus, this sighting has brought about a ton of excitement in the Android world.

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This Nexus 5 render is based on a leak from Google's Android 4.4 video.

This Nexus 5 render is based on a leak from Google’s Android 4.4 video.

While we still aren’t sure if the device in question is the Nexus 5, Yugatech has created a Nexus 5 render that is based off of the device that we saw emerge in the video. The device features the large Nexus lettering on the back, a large camera sensor in the top left corner, and it even features the disputable LG logo that many believe was on board the device in the video.

The device features a black finish like the device from Google’s video and ultimately, it offers a fantastic up close look at what might just be Google’s new Nexus smartphone.

Is this the Nexus 5?

Is this the Nexus 5?

Of course, this is still unconfirmed and it could be that the device was a prototype or a device within a protective shell to shield the actual design from view. it could also have been Google trolling ahead of the real Nexus 5 unveiling. It is, however, telling that the company took down the video shortly after the device was discovered and started making the rounds.

Whatever the case may be, Google typically announces and releases a new Nexus smartphone in the fourth quarter of the year so we should get a glimpse at the actual Nexus 5 in the weeks ahead.

Rumors suggest that it will either be a Motorola Nexus that isn’t like the Moto X or perhaps an LG Nexus 5 that is based, in part, upon the LG G2 that is scheduled to hit the United States in the month of September.