Nexus Prime Rumored to Have Massive Display, Different Name

We know that the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich is not too far off in the distance, Eric Schmidt confirmed it for either October or November, and right now with all of the rumors that we’ve heard, we’re putting our money on October as the lucky release month. Two devices that are supposedly going to launch with ICS include the heavily rumored Samsung Droid Prime and the Samsung Nexus Prime. It’s still unclear if they are one in the same, one just with Verizon branding, or if they are two separate devices.

In fact, details on both are still extremely murky. Sure we’ve seen some rumored specs, 4.5-inch 720p Super AMOLED HD display and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, but not much more.

And now today, unfortunately, the waters got murkier.


GSMArena is reporting that the Samsung Nexus Prime might be arriving with a 4.65-inch HD display, a curved screen similar to that on the Nexus S, an 8.8mm design, and a late October launch.

Their tipster also mentioned that the name might not be the Nexus Prime but very well could be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus instead. So, while the Prime’s features still remain a little clouded, we again see October mentioned which means that we will probably get some more concrete details at some point later this month.

A beefed up Nexus S?

How does that sound to you all?