Nintendo Teases News on Nintendo NX Release

Those waiting for new Nintendo NX release details didn’t learn much about the new console during Nintendo’s latest earnings call. That didn’t stop the company from teasing news of the coming in the not too distant future. Officially, the company has confirmed that we’ll hear more about the Nintendo NX release this year, perhaps during or just before the E3 event in June. New rumors say that the console will arrive in early fall.

Nintendo executives commented on the Nintendo NX release only briefly during this week’s earnings call, according to those who listened. The company confirmed last year that the Nintendo NX is its forthcoming next-generation video game console. Allegedly, it’s a replacement for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Nintendo President spoke briefly about the Nintendo NX during its earnings call. Specifically, the outlet says that Tatsumi Kimishima provided a crude timeline of when we can expect the company to discuss the Nintendo NX release. “Mr. Kimishima said Tuesday that the company will provide an update ‘not too late in the course of the year.”

Since revealing the Nintendo NX code-name, the company has said little else about the device. Rumors last week indicated that the Nintendo NX would be made of two parts. One part would be a handheld and replacement for the now aging Nintendo 3DS system. The other would be a console device that interacts with the handheld device and has is own internals. The setup isn’t all that dissimilar from the Wii U, really.

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The comments are leading some to believe that we’ll hear more about the Nintendo NX release during a briefing at or before the Electronics Entertainment Show. It’s the biggest gaming-focused event of the calendar year. Both Microsoft and Sony revealed their current consoles during the show.

The New Nintendo 3DS

The New Nintendo 3DS

For the last few years, Nintendo has skipped big press conferences there. The company focused on letting users play part of its Nintendo 3DS and Wii U line-up. All news was delivered in the form of a direct video stream.

In the same report about earnings, The Wall Street Journal cites analysts that believe the company will deliver the Nintendo NX as early as October or November. A Nintendo NX release date sometime around then makes sense for a number of reasons. Usually video game consoles launch just before the holiday shopping season. Developers would have time to educate everyone about their games for the system.

It’d also give Nintendo time to explain the benefits of having a handheld system that pairs with a living room console, if that turns out to be what it’s building. Some reports say that the Nintendo NX’s handheld portion will work with other mobile platforms and have artificial reality features. It’s said that Nintendo will finally embrace robust hardware with the Nintendo NX too, delivering enough horse power for third-party developers to bring some of the games they launch on other modern platforms to the Nintendo NX. That’s something that almost no studio attempts with Nintendo Wii U today because of hardware limitations, most believe.

star fox wii u

This week’s report mentions Miitomo, a recently announced mobile title that’s coming from Nintendo and partner DeNA. It’ll become the first Nintendo experience available on smartphones, though it isn’t a game. It’s a communication and chat app instead.

The report doesn’t mention the other high-profile project a Nintendo partner is working on. Last fall, Nintendo invested heavily in development studio Niantic Labs. Niantic is working on Pokémon Go, a mobile game that’ll be available on Android and iPhone, and allow users to catch the creatures as they go about their day.

Like the Nintendo NX itself, we don’t have a potential release date for Pokemon Go or Miitomo.