No, This is Steve Ballmer Looking Like an Idiot :-)

I just got an email from one of our college-aged readers, calling out me and the GBM staff for making the Microsoft chief look stupid. He was apparently distraught that we’d dare put a picture of Steve Ballmer on the home page with his tongue hanging out. Kids these days….I guess they’re just too young to remember the good old days of Monkey Boy and Developers, Developers, Developers…


Why are you making Microsoft CEO look like an idiot this week on your website? You can’t even put a good picture up of the man in charge of the biggest and best software company in America? It is disrespectflu  and there are millions of good pictures of Ballmer on the internet.

U must be a big Apple fanboy. You never show Steve Jobs with his tongue out. Steve Balmer always looks smart and professional: Except on your homepage.

Daniel xxxxx

xxxxxxxxx University, CSC, Class of 2011

First of all, we like Microsoft a lot around here. While a lot of us use Macs, iPhones and other Apple devices, all of us also use an array of Microsoft products. Do I like my Apple products? Sure I do. But I spend a lot of time using and writing about Windows devices. If fact, like our other contributors, including Chris Leckness, Warner Crocker and Sumocat, I’m a Microsoft MVP.

Ok enough, with defending the fact that we give Microsoft more than its fair share of coverage around here and on with a history lesson.  When Daniel was about 10, I was interning at back when it was a startup with about 100 employees. There were a bunch of engineers and salespeople breaking out in laughter, huddled around a computer display. I asked what was so funny and they replayed the following two videos over and  over again.

Monkey Boy

Developer, Developers, Developers

Remember, these videos were released to us back in 2001, well before the advent of YouTube, 3G, widespread WiFi and home broadband. Most of my friends were still on dial-up and watching videos over the Interwebs was still magical. This was one of the few good tech humor videos of its time and we didn’t have 10 million other funny videos to choose from.

You see, we all know Ballmer is a smart guy and leads a company that’s changed how we all work and live. But I’m not the one that makes him look like an idiot in public. He does a fine job of that himself. He’s obviously a very intelligent guy and a strong leader…which is why it’s funny when he acts (or lookst) like an idiot like the rest of us do on a much more regular basis.

Thanks for your email Daniel and thanks for making me feel old :-)