Nokia Booklet 3G Will be $299 with AT&T Contract

Nokia tells all on Booklet 3G_ $299 with a 2-year contract on AT&TMaybe it is just me, but I’ll call FAIL on this one. Nokia is announcing that the upper end Booklet 3G will be available exclusively at Best Buy beginning October 22 (yep, the Windows 7 roll out date) for $299. That is assuming you sign up for a two year contract with AT&T.

No, I’m not knocking AT&T here (I do that enough), and I’m not knocking the form factor (I don’t have enough real info to offer a thumbs up or down on that). What I’m knocking is the subsidization model. That model has served the mobile phone industry for what seems like centuries in mobile years, but it is time for it to go away. Think about it. Here’s the perfect opportunity for some change to happen. It is time to break the tie between subsidized contracts and specific devices.

The Booklet 3G will set you back $599 if you don’t want to go the subsidization route.

Via Engadget