Not Good: AT&T To Provide Connectivity for Plastic Logic eReader

plasticlogic.jpgAT&T’s network can’t handle the traffic it has now and they willfully admit it. They keep promising upgrades to service, but those promises keep getting met with more and more stories of woe about deteriorating network coverage. AT&T celebrates its sales success but out of the other side of its mouth cries that it can’t keep up. I’ve never seen anything like this in business in my life time.

This morning we hear that AT&T is going to be the provider of choice for Plastic Logic’s eReader, hot on the heels that Barnes & Noble is going to be using that device for its eBook platform beginning next year. No word yet if it will operate like Sprint’s Whispernet service or not.

If you ask me someone needs to put the brakes on AT&T until what they promise (and charge for) comes closer to what they actually deliver. No more new devices until you clean up your act, AT&T. I don’t expect perfection, but these guys are starting to sound as shaky as politicians these days with the deception and doublespeak.

FTC and FCC, are you listening?