Notion Ink offers an update on Adam tablet

The Notion Ink Adam, a much-anticipated tablet due to its Pixel Qi display, has received a brief progress update. The news is welcomed but still raises red flags for me.

The biggest news is they plan to announce a lot in October. This includes details on the graphics engine and a deal for digital comics. They’re also including a switch to turn off the backlight on both the Pixel Qi and regular LCD models. They mention they’re working on a replaceable battery concept, but the big word there is “concept” so don’t expect that in the initial design. Most importantly, they expect to get to FCC certifications a week earlier than scheduled.

Good news all around, but there are subtle things in the announcement I find troublesome. Quote: “LCDs consume somewhere around 1.8-2.4W an hour!” A watt is a rate of consumption so consumption should be described simply as watts (watts an hour can be thought of acceleration). Also, it’s not the LCD, but the backlight that really consumes that juice. That would be true of either display. The only difference is that Pixel Qi, which is a type of LCD, can be viewed in ambient lighting without the backlight.

Sure, these are nitpicky nerd points, and I wouldn’t blame a marketing guy for getting them wrong, but the author Rohan Shravan is an engineer. I hate to be this skeptical about a product that looks this good, but until we see the real product, those little red flags can only add up.

Via Liliputing