Notion Ink Releases Video to Try and Silence Critics

The story of the Notion Ink Adam Tablet is well told. The folks behind the device teased and teased and then began pre-orders to a loyal following. Then trouble started with some delays (it looks like January will be the earliest delivery) and then bloggers started asking questions they way they are wont to do, some even mentioning the phrase vapor ware.

You know like, when are we going to see this device on video, when will it be available for review. To say it has left Notion Ink fighting through a cloud of skeptics is putting it mildly, although the promise of the technology they’ve put behind the device and its software keeps every one interested and I think hoping for success.

Well, now Notion Ink has put out a video that shows off the device going through some of its paces. The CEO, Rohan Shravan has also done an exclusive interview with the blog Android Police and it looks like he’s learning to speak like a CEO.

My $.02? I’d love to see Notion Ink succeed here and hope they are just having small company start up woes that they will soon get over. The Adam is different than any of the other Tablets we’ve seen and heard about ad nauseum, and here’s hoping their efforts will pull them through. My hunch (and it is only a hunch) is that we won’t see these devices in users hands until after CES 2011, allowing Notion Ink to still attempt to control the story as best that they can. CES 2011 will prove a tricky path for the Notion Ink Adam because I think more than a few bloggers and press folks, enticed by all the teasing, are loaded for bear when it comes to asking questions.