Official YouTube App Arrives Just in Time for iOS 6 & iPhone 5 Launch

Google and YouTube rolled out an updated and much improved YouTube app for the iPhone today.

The new app takes the place of the YouTube app which is no longer included in iOS 6.

Apple removed YouTube from the iOS 6 beta 4, and is likely to leave it off the final version of iOS 6.

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While many users are fine using Safari to watch videos, the new app delivers a better mobile experience. The video below offers a look at the new app and a walk-through of the YouTube app features.

From a presentation standpoint, the new YouTube app is easy robust and it’s quick to drill down to the channels I subscribe to.

YouTube iPhone App iOS 6 iPhone 5 - 4

The new YouTube iPhone app.

When searching, they’re app will offer autocomplete suggestions making searches faster and more accurate.

After I find a video I want to share, the YouTube app now offers better sharing options, including the ability to copy a link to the clipboard.

YouTube iPhone App iOS 6 iPhone 5 - 3

iPhone YouTube app share options.

This is a huge feature for users like myself who want to grab the link to a YouTube video to share in a specific app, like Yammer to a coworker, or who just want to use their default Twitter app to share.

YouTube iPhone App iOS 6 iPhone 5 - 1

Users can still upload from Photos.

The app doesn’t include an option to upload to YouTube, but that still exists in the iOS 6 Photos app and in iMovie, so users don’t lose the ability to share videos. Hopefully an update adds the option to use the YouTube app to upload with some default category settings. Users can see their uploads in the app

The YouTube iPhone app is available free in the App Store.