GigaOm: Why Netbooks are Greener Than Laptops

Carbon-Footprint-8-18-7 Everybody is getting green conscious and trying to reduce carbon footprints in their journey through life these days. Celeste LeCompte of GigaOm is taking a look at Netbooks and why they are greener than laptops. He calls the Netbook approach to resource efficient   computing a ‘take only what you need’ approach to computing with Netbooks offering lower power demands and fewer toxic components.

The vast majority of netbooks are powered by Intel’s Atom processor, an energy-efficient chip inside of the laptops listed with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program. How efficient is it? Atom sports a maximum thermal design point (TDP) of 2.5 watts; compare that with Intel’s Core 2 Duo chips, which have a TDP of 65 watts. That not only makes the notebooks more efficient, it makes the machines using them cooler and quieter, a key feature for a netbook. Netbooks’ efficiency is likely to increase in the year ahead. More power-conscious ARM-based netbooks are coming in 2009 with chips that will use no more than 1 watt of power.

Om discusses some other carbon reducing benefits as well. I know some folks think about this quite a bit, so I’m curious. How much does ““going green” affect your purchasing decision?

UPDATE: I incorrectly credited Om Malik with authorship of the post on GigaOM. The author is actually Celeste LeCompte. Apologies.