On the Road 2011: The Great Chicago Pligrimage Begins

Yep, it is that time of the year when I begin a three month period of traveling. Visiting family and friends, auditions, and some other work finds my wife and I packing up the Honda Fit and hitting the road. We prefer to drive on these trips because we’re a bit more in control of our lives given the wacky weather. As a matter of fact, we’re watching the weather keenly today as we head west to her hometown of Chicago. I think the worst of the bad weather on the East Coast will remain west of us as we hit the road this morning, but we’re prepared if that’s not the case.

Anyway, this trip each year is a long one. We head to the Windy City to spend time with friends and family that we haven’t seen since, well last year this time. It’s a vacation of sorts but I do lots of work while I’m on this vacation both for the theatre and for GBM. I’ll be covering CES 2011 from afar as I did last year. It’s also a bit of badly needed downtime and we’ve built some of that into our trip.

For the work and the relaxation we’ve packed up our gear. Here’s what we’re carrying.

I’m carrying:

  • iPad
  • iPhone 4
  • MacBook Pro 13
  • Canon Powershot S95 Digital Camera
  • Sprint MiFi
  • Canon Pixma i90 Printer

That’s it. Normally it is a lot more, but between the iPad and the MacBook Pro 13 I can accomplish whatever I need to. The MacBook PRo 13 is also my workhorse for both Windows and Mac OSX. I’ve said it before, it is the best Windows laptop I’ve used. With this lineup I’ve got plenty of power and plenty of options for both work and play. Between the Canon and the iPhone, I’ve got multiple still and video cameras at my disposal, and with the MiFi card I’ve got connectivity just about anywhere we go.

Now, my wife is sporting the new gear on this trip. She wanted and got a new Netbook for Christmas. I got a good price on a Toshiba NB305 and she’ll be putting that through its paces. She’s also carrying her feature phone (she hates the complexity of smartphones) and her Amazon Kindle. She’ll do as much work as I do, and she loves doing it all on her Netbook. I call her the Netbook Queen.

So, we’re traveling pretty light gear wise this trip compared to past trips. But we’ll use it all and I’m sure I’ll report in along the way on how we’re doing.