One Tablet Enters… Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire Subjected To Drop Test

What are the most important aspects of a mobile device? Mobility, of course. Speed, power, holdability? What about how well it can survive a drop?

We all drop our gadgets every now and then. You’re not paying attention and it slide off the desk, you get butterfingers when carrying it to the couch, a small child is mysteriously involved. So it’s important to know if your tablet can survive some common falls.

The guys over at GizmoSlip have taken it upon themselves to test these kinds of things on a regular basis. One of their latest videos features a face-off between the Nook Tablet and the Kindle Fire to see which can survive a series of drops.

Nook Tablet and Kindle Tablet Subjected To Drop Test

The test started out with a 3′ and then 5′ drop to carpet; it was followed by a 3′ and 5′ drops onto concrete, with the final test being a simultaneous drop facedown. The video was complete with super-slow motion recording, courtesy of two GoPro cameras–one of which is dropped with the devices as they fall.

Only one of these tablets survives the testing. I won’t spoil the end (except to be smug about my favorite of the two), so you’ll just have to watch.

Also, GizmoSlip is giving away the device that survived. Watch to the end for entry instructions. (BTW, you have to add the comments on the YouTube page, not here or their blog, to enter.)