One way or another, I will get the Dell Venue Pro

When the Windows Phone 7 devices were announced on October 11th, the one phone that I fell in love with was the Dell Venue Pro. There are two reasons for that, one is sentimental and the other is the fact that I love the looks of the Dell Venue Pro. The sentimental reason is that I am a fan of Dell. If you don’t already know this, I was the creator of Aximsite back when the Dell Axim X5 launched. I have watched Dell create, have moderate success, and then bail on numerous occasions. Can you say Dell DJ, Dell Axim? Why did it take so long for my boys to do a tablet? Did the Motion guys take the desire with them? Anyhow, read on to find out how I will get the Dell Venue Pro!

Plan A

I have a theory. If this theory is correct, I will be able to stay with AT&T and use the Dell Venue Pro on AT&T’s network without crippled data. I don’t know why I haven’t seen anyone propose that the phone should work on AT&T yet and even more surprising is the fact that I didn’t even notice the listed frequencies on the spec sheets. I guess I was too busy admiring the looks of it.

Well, yesterday, Tracy and Matt posted that Clove has the Dell Venue Pro up for pre-order. When I was taking a look, I peeked at the frequencies available.

Frequencies850 / 1900 / 2100

OK, under 3G, you see 850mhz, 1900mhz, and 2100mhz. T-Mobile uses 1700 and 2100. Notice that 1700mhz is not there, but 2100mhz is? Well, we know that T-Mobile is the carrier announced for the Dell Venue Pro, right?  What about AT&T? They use 850mhz and 1900mhz. Guess what folks… BOTH ARE LISTED in the specs. That said, I totally think that the Dell Venue Pro WILL WORK on AT&T’s network with 3G Data as long as the device is unlocked. Obviously I haven’t tested this yet, but I plan to asap.

This plan is my preferred plan so I don’t have change carriers.

There may be a wrinkle in this plan though, while Clove lists the Dell Venue Pro as having the frequencies listed above, Microsoft’s website shows only T-Mobile frequencies. Is there a overseas version and a US version of this one? Quite possible. Now my head is beginning to hurt a little.

Plan B

Plan B is something I decided earlier today in a series of tweets. I will leave AT&T after 10+ years of using them. I have been with them from Bellsouth Mobility to Cingular and now AT&T. My wife’s line is not on contract since I bought her a used iPhone. I will give my wife my number, cancel hers and grab the HTC HD7 on contract with T-Mobile. Then I will purchase outright, the Dell Venue Pro. No cancellation fees and 2 hot Windows Phone 7 devices. I have kept almost every phone, MP3 player, and Pocket PC I have ever bought. I did give away quite a few on Mobilitysite, but most of those were donated by carriers or OEMs for the contests. I don’t mind having a little overkill with 2 Windows Phones.

If the frequencies work on both AT&T and T-Mobile and 3G works on both carriers, I am guessing that the Dell Venue Pro might be offered on AT&T at some point too. It makes sense, why put the frequencies in there if there is no plan to offer and unlocked version or offer it on another carrier at some point.