Oprah’s Life-Changing Gadget Revealed



Whether you’re a fan of Oprah or not, you might want to check out Friday’s episode.  Tomorrow Oprah will reveal to the masses her favorite gadget.  She describes this gadget in this promo video as “life changing,” “the most amazing thing,” and “the wave of the future.” Here are a few guesses what her favorite gadget is:

  • An Intel Atom powered Netbook
  • The Amazon Kindle eBook Reader
  • A Tablet PC

Regardless of our guesses, the folks at thekindle.wordpress.com believe that the Amazon Kindle is definitely Oprah’s favorite gadget.  They provide several bits of evidence and picture analysis to support their claim.  The Kindle Blog promises to follow Google Trends to see how Oprah’s promotion of the device increases web traffic.  Whatever this life-changing, mystery device is, viewers will have the opportunity to purchase it on Amazon after Friday’s show.

To learn more about the Kindle, check out Rob’s hands-on shortcut videos.

Photo credit: John Morton (flickr cc)