OQO May Be Shutting Down

OQO will be shutting its doors before shipping the OQO Model 2+ according to industry sources. Bob Rosin, OQO’s SVP of sales and marketing, told the Wall Street Journal that the company is facing a cash crunch, has reduced work hours and is actively looking for a buyer.

We’re fans of OQO and really hope the situation improves, but things are looking grim. Apparently the company is virtually out of cash and the company will not say when the Model 2+ will ship. There’s an estimated ship date of May 2009 listed on the Model 2+ product page, but the WSJ article points out that the target will most likely be missed.

I called an OQO spokesperson, who could not offer   a timeline of when of when/if the Model 2+ would ship. I pointed out that OQO still lists May 2009 as the expected ship date for pre-orders on its web site. She said tha the company’s never promised when it woud ship by and couldn’t offer a timeline.

Industry insiders, including a couple of OQO partners, have told me they don’t expect the OQO Model 2+ to ship at all. The surging popularity of cheaper devices and the Model 2+’s non-standard components have made it even more challenging for OQO to continue doing business.

I asked the spokesperson to confirm or deny whether or not would be shutting down and she said she could not. I was hoping she would tell me that the company was in not shutting down, and in fact had some good news to share with us in the near future.

Unfortunately, it appears OQO is on its last legs and we can expect some bad news in the coming days or weeks, barring a last-minute buyout. Calls to OQO’s direct sales phone number goes directly to a voicemail message that provides service information. Calls to their corporate sales lines go directly to voicemail that promotes the OQO Model 1.

News of OQO’s financial difficulty came to light after a moderator at OQO Talk started a discussion on the subject and James Kendrick from jkOnTheRun confirmed that Expansys canceled all OQO 2+ pre-orders.