Otterbox Planning Cases Before iPad 3 Release Date

We still don’t know what the iPad 3 is going to look like when it arrives but that doesn’t mean that case-makers like OtterBox aren’t going to be providing high-quality cases for when it does decide to show its face. In a video posted on YouTube, the OtterBox’s Portfolio Manager Will Robinson tells us that his company is already planning cases for Apple’s iPad 3.

OtterBox is known for lending high-quality protection to Apple devices (we loved the iPhone 4 Defender case) with its Defender series case and it appears that that won’t change when the iPad 3 arrives in the weeks ahead.

Robinson exclaims that the company will introduce the best Defender series case yet when the next-gen iPad arrives. A fairly bold claim that we hope the company is able to deliver upon.

If you’re not familiar with the Defender series from Otterbox, it’s the type of case that you’ll want should you be the kind of person that travels around with your iPad. It’s a rugged case solution that will ensure your iPad will be protected from harm should you drop it or bang it against a hard surface in your travels.

It’s also good for those of you that may have children who like to toss around expensive gadgets.

You can see an older version of the iPad Defender series case in the video below:

Now, the company claims no knowledge of iPad 3 specifics. Hardware, release date or otherwise. However, lucky for all of you, we have what we think is a pretty good read on what may go down.

First, the name. OtterBox throws out the names iPad 3 and iPad 2S and those are both names that we have seen pop up. As for a release date, the latest pegs the iPad 3 as getting both announced and released sometime in March.

No exact date has been rumored just yet.

And what about the hardware?

Well, we’ve heard whispers of 4G LTE capabilities. That means data speeds up to 10 times faster then 3G. We’ve heard that it might employ a high-resolution Retina Display. There has also been talk of an Apple A6 quad-core processor being on board.

All seem fairly likely considering the state of mobile. We have a device on the market with a quad-core processor. We have high-res screens. And we certainly have 4G LTE devices available.

Thankfully, it should only be a few more weeks before we find out for sure.

If you’re thinking about picking up a case for your iPad 3 or otherwise, be sure to check out our 5 Tips for Picking a Great Smartphone or Tablet Case.