How Many Computers Have You Owned?

oldcomputerI’ve owned many computers throughout my life, perhaps more than I’d like to admit.  I sat down the other day in an attempt to create the most complete list of computers that I’ve owned since I delved into the tech world.  It all started with a Mac SE that my father would bring home from his school and exploded when I obtained a Packard Bell desktop that featured a K56 Flex modem with dial-up Internet access.  There would be no turning back.

I read somewhere that Sony once had a product life-cycle of 90 days.  That means the products introduced to the market exist for 90 days before they release an upgraded model, and I read that a few years back.  As technology continues to rapidly change and develop, the fact that we now live in a disposable tech society is clearer than ever.  Why pay to have something repaired when you can buy new for less?

Despite owning these machines, I am not a collector of technology.  These computers have either been recycled or found their way to eBay.  In fact, many of these devices were owned for a short time period, played with for a while, and then passed to eBay so that my tech cycle could continue.


  • Mac SE
  • Packard Bell with Pentium 60 MHz processor, 500 MB HDD
  • Old school Toshinba laptops with black and white LCD, 3.5 floppy (owned two)
  • Custom built Pentium 266 MHz with Windows 95/98
  • Custom built AMD-K6 750 MHz Desktop with two CDRW drives
  • Custom built laptop w/ 13″ screen & CDRW
  • Compaq Presario Laptop
  • Dell Latitude D400 Laptop (owned two)
  • HP 531w 1.3 GHz Celeron Desktop with 512 MB RAM
  • Apple iMac G3
  • Apple iBook (owned three: two G3s and one G4)
  • Apple PowerBook 12″ 867Mhz
  • MacBook: 1st Generation
  • MacBook: 2nd Generation (My wife’s current notebook)
  • MacBook Pro 13″ (My current notebook)

Tablet Computers

  • Motion M1300 with Windows XP
  • Dell Latitude XT
  • HP 2710p


  • Asus Eee PC 701
  • Asus Eee PC 1000H
  • Asus Eee PC 1000HE
  • MSI Wind U100
  • Dell Mini 10v (My current netbook)

Total: 27 machines.

I have briefly owned a few of these computers for review purposes here at GottaBeMobile, and believe it or not, I do believe in living simply.  Nearly all of these computers were purchased as refurbished models or through outlets such as eBay.  My motto when it comes to buying tech is never pay full price.

I’m sure our readers have owned many a machine in their day.  Hit up the comments to share your fossil collections.