Gigantic Release Date Details Arrive


With Microsoft’s Xbox on Windows 10 app just days away from arriving on user’s PCs, video game developer Motiga is filling in some Gigantic release date details and being transparent about the details it isn’t sure about just yet. Motiga shared some candid Gigantic release details late last week in an interview with GeekWire, a […]

Lenovo LaVie Z 360 Review: Same PC, Better Deal

Lenovo LaVie Z 360 (1)

In the early days of the Windows 2-in-1 we wished every notebook made by one of Microsoft’s partners was a refashioned version of the notebooks we already loved. Some companies tried that to great results. Lenovo is now trying it with its Lenovo LaVie Z 360 Windows 2-in-1. Fashioned from the regular Lenovo LaVie Z, […]

iPhone 6 Price Hike Starts Next Week

It's about to get more expensive to buy an iPhone 6 on AT&T or AT&T Next.

AT&T is about to raise the price of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus across the board with new fees that push their activation fee to the highest in the industry and a new fee for users who buy an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 on the AT&T Next plan. The combined totals, will not […]

10 Things You Need to Do Before the iOS 8.4.1 Release Date


Apple hasn’t announced an iOS 8.4.1 release date and we expect the software to be released without warning after a stint in the company’s beta program. The iOS 8.4.1 release date for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch could come at any time and you’ll want to be sure that you’ve done most if not all […]

10 Awesome NVIDIA Shield TV Games

NVIDIA Shield TV Grid Games

The best Android TV on the market also plays games. These NVIDIA Shield TV games add PC-quality gaming to Android TV by streaming them through the NVIDIA GRID game service, free until July 31. We also get all the Android games from the Google Play Store that with Android TV support added to the game. That’s important […]

8 Best Surface Pro 3 Cases & Sleeves

Surface Pro 3 Review (1)

There’s no denying that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 2-in-1 is an impressive device. It continues to make the Windows devices of Microsoft’s partners look like drab knock-offs. It’s super thin, reasonably light for its screen size and possibly the most attractive thing Microsoft has ever designed. It looks like a tablet, but handles programs like a […]

Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G4: What We Know So Far


As summer comes to a close most manufacturers have released their phones this year, but we still have a few important ones coming soon. Those in the market for a big-screen Android smartphone are likely weighing all of their options, like the LG G4, or waiting for the upcoming Galaxy Note 5. In April the […]

How to Lower Your AT&T Bill

Here are five ways to lower your AT&T bill.

No matter how much your AT&T bill is, you probably feel like you pay too much for your AT&T cell phone bill. We’ll share five tips to lower your AT&T cell phone bill without leaving for a low-cost carrier or living without enough data. The average cost of an AT&T bill is $141 a month […]

Every Batman Arkham Knight Gadget & How to Use It


Batman Arkham Knight is arguably the best video game you’ll play all year. Certainly, it’s a top contender for the best game available on both the Xbox One and PS4. Built specifically, for this console generation its graphics are spectacular, Gotham City is vast. The array of different gadgets you have at our disposal in […]

Fallout 4 Release: 5 Things to Know About Bundles


The Fallout 4 release continues to get closer and we continue to see new details emerge. The most recent details include several new bundles that buyers need to be aware of before the game’s release date. Today, we take a look at everything Fallout 4 buyers need to know about bundles. In early June, Bethesda released a teaser trailer […]

iPhone 6 vs Microsoft Lumia 950: What We Know So Far


You’d be forgiven for assuming that Microsoft has stopped trying to compete with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. To be honest, the company hasn’t done anything meaningful in the high-end smartphone area for a year. The last iPhone rival running Windows Phone to be made by Microsoft was the Nokia Lumia 930, a […]

Sling TV Review: Is $20 A Month Worth It?


Are you ready to cancel cable or ditch that expensive DirecTV subscription you’ve been over paying on for years? If so, Sling TV is for you, and it’s only $20 a month with no contracts. Nearly five months ago after being announced in January, Sling TV was officially released. The first complete internet-streaming TV service […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date: 10 Things to Expect


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date is clearly getting closer and now is a great to start preparing for the device’s arrival. One thing you’ll want to do is set proper expectations and today we want to help you do just that. Here’s what we expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date. Samsung still […]

NBA 2K16 Release Date: 5 All-New Things to Know Now

nba 2k16 1

Only a few sports franchises ever reach mainstream popularity. This year’s NBA 2K16 release will renew the famed basketball franchise’s commitment to console gamers who love to simulate their favorite NBA teams from the comfort of their living room. For a long time we’ve known about some of the features coming with the NBA 2K16 […]

OnePlus 2 Release: What We Know So Far


The new breakout phone manufacturer OnePlus has a brand new smartphone coming soon, set to be announced next week, and it’s called the OnePlus 2. All summer long and as early as March reports and rumors have been floating around about this phone. A device rumored to take on or beat the Galaxy S6, iPhone […]

How to Bypass Snapchat’s Jailbreak Ban


If you’re wanting to get around the recent Snapchat ban on jailbroken devices, there’s an easy way to do it. Here’s how to bypass Snapchat’s jailbreak ban. Recently, Snapchat has been locking and banning accounts of users with jailbroken iPhones that use jailbreak tweaks to enhance the Snapchat experience. This isn’t anything new, as other […]

How to Browse the Internet on Windows 10

How to Browse the Internet in Windows 10 (5)

Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade does one thing many thought wasn’t possible. At the tail-end of the last decade Microsoft bundled Internet Explorer with its Windows operating and effectively killed other browsers like Netscape. For years, Internet Explorer has been the default web browser in Windows. Its icon is instantly recognizable, its features connect to […]

Verizon Edge is Dead, Contracts on Chopping Block

Early iPhone 6 Release Date Hours - Verizon Prep

Verizon Edge is no longer an option to buy a new iPhone or Android smartphone as the company rolls out a new brand for device payments, likely in anticipation of cutting two-year contracts from the carrier. Expect to see more changes before iPhone 6s release date this fall and maybe in time for thethe Galaxy Note 5. […]

iPhone 6s Plus vs. iPhone 6: 10 Things to Know Right Now

What we learned about iOS 8.4 on the iPhone 6 Plus after two weeks.

If you are thinking about picking up the iPhone 6 or ditching it for a phone with more screen real estate, you’ve come to the right spot. Apple still hasn’t confirmed its iPhone 6s Plus release yet but thanks to some new leaks, it looks like production might have already started. And that means that you can, and should, start […]

LG’s Galaxy Note 5 Rival Release Confirmed


Earlier this year a few weeks before the LG G4 release date in the United States rumors started floating around that the G4 wouldn’t be the only smartphone from LG this year. In fact, rumors suggested a bigger, better and faster LG G4 Note or LG G4 Pro was in the works to take on […]